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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Summary of Day 2

Here's a quick outline of what transpired during day 2 of the summit. (Detailed notes are available in the Mercurial repository.)
  • Justin Erenkrantz presented on the horrible state of win32 build instructions, and started a discussion on how we could improve things. Should we target VC6, VCExpress, MinGW? All three? He'd like to see a and a that uncompress into the same directory, and then some sort of python script that finds the compiler, finds all the deps, and "just builds". David Anderson suggested that such a proposal might be reinventing scons ( and that if we switched to scons, it would be trivial to use scons on unix as well, as a complete replacement for our system. Everyone volunteered David Anderson to investigate scons further.
  • Did some more code review for 1.4.1
  • We had a keysigning party: everyone read keys to each other and presented photo IDs. Now we'll able to sign each other's keys at leisure and create an extremely-well-connected web of trust.
  • We had a long discussion about our new non-profit organization, and exactly how it should enforce/prevent abuse of the 'Subversion' name. It's very hard to define what constitutes as abuse or confusion!
  • Lieven Govaerts presented on his 'buildbat' project.... nightly builds, multipflatform testing, continuous integration, etc.
  • Presentation by Justin on serf... discussion on what it would take to make serf the new default, instead of neon. Serf is very fast!
The day ended with a nice dinner together, followed by group bowling! Photos forthcoming.


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