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Monday, October 16, 2006

First day talks

People are taking much more detailed notes than I, but here's a quick summary of the various presentations and discussions on our first day of the Subversion developer summit.
  • I gave an opening plea: we've lost our focus since releasing 1.0, let's regain focus by creating new mission statement and a tight feature list for Subversion 2.0.
  • Blair Zajac talked about how his company (Sony -- versioning assets for movies) uses an interesting layout structure.
  • clkao and David Glasser gave a presentation on svk, and showed off a bunch of features that they wish "subversion would steal". :-)
  • Karl Fogel talked about the design of his incomplete-checkout feature. He's implemented depth {0, 1, infinity} now 'sticky' per dir. Discussion got complex, since the feature touches on other things like viewspecs.
  • Long discussion about 'svn obliterate' design -- what use cases do our users have? How to define obliteration? There was an interesting idea from dglasser about preserving data, but losing history... Also a very messy discussion, no real resolution.
  • Presentation from dannyb and dlr on the state of merge-tracking branch. We've now achieved (in C code) approximately equal functionality with the the script. There are still some huge use-cases unfinished which involve server-side computation. Not sure if/when we want to go there.
  • Presentation from dannyb on how Mercurial works, and especially on Mercurial's revlog storage format... and why we should use it in next-gen Subversion. It would get us most of the way to a distributed design too, if we wanted.
  • Group brainstorm: why aren't we achieving world domination? Listed as many svn weaknesses as we could, common user complaints, etc.
  • Karl led us in a discussion which evaluated different designs to implement log message templates.


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